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SAX: biggest regrets

It’s seven years ago this January that I put out the first prerelease of SAX for consideration by the xml-dev mailing list. The final SAX releases contain the wisdom of a lot of people, but in the end, I had … Continue reading

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The weblog stack

Networking people love to talk about the network stack, like the 4-layer DoD model or the 7-layer OSI model, and web services boosters have picked up on that with their talk about the web services stack (an example from Judith … Continue reading

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Linking XML documents

[Update: help is on the way.] If you start with an XML document online (and granted, there are precious few of them), how do you use it to find other XML documents? If they’re XML+XHTML documents, you can follow the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Quoderat

Welcome to Quoderat, David Megginson’s middle-aged grumblings about technology. My background is largely in XML and the web (I led the development of SAX and spent some time on W3C working groups), so markup, networking, and software development will be … Continue reading

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