Welcome to Quoderat

Welcome to Quoderat, David Megginson’s middle-aged grumblings about technology. My background is largely in XML and the web (I led the development of SAX and spent some time on W3C working groups), so markup, networking, and software development will be the primary topics, though the weblog will likely strike off in other directions. If you get bored of all this, feel free to wander off and read about airplanes in my other weblog, Land and Hold Short.

About David Megginson

Scholar, tech guy, Canuck, open-source/data/information zealot, urban pedestrian, language geek, tea drinker, pater familias, red tory, amateur musician, private pilot.
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4 Responses to Welcome to Quoderat

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  3. Ben Lund says:

    A welcome start to a blog with a very nice name.

  4. Norman Walsh says:

    Welcome to the ‘sphere, David!

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