Perl XML::Writer has a good home

I just stumbled on this posting, and was happy to see that the Perl version of my XML writer (a library for creating XML) has found a good home. I originally wrote the XML writer in both Java and Perl versions, but the Perl version was always the neglected sibling — I just don’t use perl that much any more, and wasn’t motivated to fix bugs, add features, etc.

Over the years, several people offered to take over maintenance of the Perl branch, but usually nothing came of it, and I lost track of who, if anyone, was supposed to be managing it. I recently revived the XML-Writer Sourceforge project and have been doing some maintenance on the Java branch, but again, hadn’t looked at the Perl.

So I’ll do some work on the Java, but will leave the Perl in better hands. This is a small but nice example of how open source is supposed to work: the people who care the most are the ones who do the work, and when the original maintainer loses interest, others are ready to step in.

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2 Responses to Perl XML::Writer has a good home

  1. Paul Downey says:

    i’ve used XML::Writer a *lot* over the past couple of years. Thanks, Dave for writing such a useful library!

  2. David Megginson says:

    Thanks for the kind words, but I’ve neglected it for so long that I feel like a deadbeat dad. I hope that it does better with its new stepparents.

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