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The complexity of XML parsing APIs

Dare Obasanjo recently posted a message to the xml-dev mailing list as part of the ancient and venerable binary XML permathread (just a bit down the list from attributes vs. elements, DOM vs. SAX, and why use CDATA?). His message … Continue reading

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Blame Larry Wall

Late yesterday I was working on a mind-numbingly simple XML data library in Java for use with a larger project. I spent about an hour on the first iteration, which could read and write through an event-interface and/or into a … Continue reading

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Perl XML::Writer has a good home

I just stumbled on this posting, and was happy to see that the Perl version of my XML writer (a library for creating XML) has found a good home. I originally wrote the XML writer in both Java and Perl … Continue reading

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SAX: biggest satisfactions

Recently, I mentioned my biggest regrets about SAX. When we were building SAX, however, there were an awful lot of things that went right. Here are the three things that I’m happiest about: SAX was useful right from the start … Continue reading

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Wikipedia URLs as blog subject codes

[Updated] Over in my aviation weblog, I find myself more and more linking to Wikipedia whenever I’m discussing a concept, person, place, or anything else that doesn’t have its own, canonical home page. If, as I suspect, lots of other … Continue reading

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