Gmail without AJAX, part 1

I noticed today that Gmail is now offering an alternative, non-AJAX interface, selectable by choosing “basic HTML” below the message listing. This is actually a great opportunity to experiment and see whether AJAX (or any other kind of heavy DHTML-style interaction) actually makes a enough of a difference to justify the extra implementation work.

I’ll do all my Gmail browsing using old-style HTML forms until next week and observe how much I miss the extra features, then will report back here.

(First note: Gmail does not allow you to change account settings using the non-AJAX interface.)

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4 Responses to Gmail without AJAX, part 1

  1. Derek says:

    Do you currently use keyboard shortcuts with the AJAX interface? Does the non-AJAX UI allow you to use the keyboard shortcuts? I know some people live and die by that feature alone.

  2. The “basic HTML” does not allow for keyboard shortcuts. But it does allow for Opera 7, whereas the full feature-set requires Opera 8, which is still in beta.

  3. If you haven’t you should read Mark Birbeck in the same vein..

    XForms Patterns: Dynamic URLs and Google Maps

    XForms Patterns: Incremental and ‘Google Suggest’

    After RSS readers, Google Suggest and now Google Maps, maybe next week Mark will give us Gmail…

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