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Vicipaedia latine legi possit

Sciveram vicipaediam linguis barbaris (exempli gratia anglice, francice, et ceteris) legi potere, sed non latine. Iam tenet super duo milia articulorum. Quid artis!

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Admin: Moving to Full Text Feeds

I’ve decided to switch Quoderat to a full-text feed, as I’ve already done with my other weblog, Land and Hold Short. I don’t use Google ads in my weblogs to try to earn revenue, and I’m too lazy to read … Continue reading

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A Personalization Story

A close acquaintance of mine has no hearing in one ear. As disabilities go, that’s not a very serious one — most of the time it means nothing worse than appearing to ignore people who start talking on her deaf … Continue reading

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Burden of Proof

Bill de h├ôra has a thoughtful piece about complexity experts and simplicity mavens. As Bill points out, conventional wisdom provides an easy way to criticize things without really thinking: in the 1990’s, you could diss any project or spec simply … Continue reading

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Admin: WP 1.5.1 and Spam Karma

I’ve just upgraded Quoderat to WordPress 1.5.1 and have installed the Spam Karma plugin, as recommended by Lauren Wood in a comment to my previous whining posting about comment spam. With luck, legitimate comments should now all appear immediately, while … Continue reading

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Problem-first design

[Update: a nice analogy from Jon Udell, and a thoughtful response from Tim Bray.] WSDL is too abstract to be useful, according to both Tim Bray and Norm Walsh (and for what it’s worth, I agree with them). Tim and … Continue reading

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