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The case against easier feed subscriptions

As weblog syndication moves into the mainstream, people are complaining more and more about how difficult it is for an average user to subscribe to a weblog (here’s a recent example, but it’s only one of many I’ve read). One … Continue reading

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Rails vs. PHP: MVC or view-centric?

This week, I decided to try PHP and Ruby-on-Rails for prototyping web applications (I’d never used either before). These are both web-application frameworks that serious J2EE-type developers tend to sniff at, claiming that they may be fine for simple toys … Continue reading

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Collateral Damage, part 2

A short while ago, I wrote about how my domain has suffered severe collateral damage from security flaws in Microsoft Outlook, even though I’ve never used the product and do not run Windows. Today, I noticed that my IP … Continue reading

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