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First mover (dis)advantage

I recently heard from an older computer user who was delighted that his hotel’s free WiFi simply worked with his notebook computer. Internet access on the road didn’t use to be so easy, either for hotels or their guests. Consider … Continue reading

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GET requests and "wings fall off" buttons

Bill de h├ôra is outraged that people are blaming Google Web Accelerator (GWA) for following HTTP GET links, rather than blaming the morons^H^H^H^H^H^Hweb developers who built web sites that use innocent-looking GET requests for actions with side effects, like (say) … Continue reading

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Sputtering down to XML 2005

My creaky little Piper Warrior has been grounded since a lighting strike (while tied-down on the apron) back in July, but the engine’s finally back from overhaul, and I plan to be in the air soon — just in time, … Continue reading

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Life without cookies (or URL rewriting)

Is it possible (for webapps, that is)? Is it desirable? Current practice is to set up a session on the server side, then use the cookie (or a GET parameter or URL substring) as a key to associate individual HTTP … Continue reading

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Oracle vs MySQL AB

Tim O’Reilly reprinted a note from Andy Oram about Oracle’s recent purchase of InnoDB, the company that produces the best of the MySQL backends. Assuming that Oracle knows what they’re doing (generally a safe assumption), the purchase is not an … Continue reading

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