Sputtering down to XML 2005

My creaky little Piper Warrior has been grounded since a lighting strike (while tied-down on the apron) back in July, but the engine’s finally back from overhaul, and I plan to be in the air soon — just in time, in fact, to sputter my way down from Ottawa to Atlanta to speak at the XML 2005 conference. I’m planning a 7-8 hour flight down if weather permits, with stops in Watertown NY (to clear customs) and in either Pittsburgh PA or somewhere in West Virginia to refuel. I flew myself to XML 2003 in Philadelphia as well, but that was a much shorter (and non-stop) flight.

Is anyone else flying to the conference in a small plane? Perhaps we can set up an informal general aviation BOF. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there — even the non-pilots, of course.

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