White-texting Google

[Update: the white text no longer helps Oxcyon — they’re not even the top hit for their own company name any more.]

I’ve just stumbled across the most extreme white-text example I’ve ever seen, and it belongs not to a porn site but to an enterprise software vendor. Check it out:


Scroll to the bottom of the visible text and then start highlighting with your mouse to bring into view screen after screen of white-text key words and phrases custom-designed to get the attention of Google and other search engines. Or, if you prefer, just bring the site up in lynx.

I guess this kind of thing still works. I tried a Google search for “stellent taxonomy support“, and Oxcyon — not Stellent (a competitor) — was the first hit.

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7 Responses to White-texting Google

  1. Sam says:

    Isn’t that what intelligent site promotion is all about…trying to get the highest ranking in line with competing services and products.
    Since this technology does in fact offer an intelligent alternative to the competing product being searched…wouldn’t someone surfing the internet
    want to actually know about it? I know our company did.

    I would hardly liken this companies marketing efforts to that of a porn site, and if what you are suggesting is that only porn sites know how to successfully market their websites to potential customers…more power to them. I would have to point out that the results of
    this search were highly relevant as it is an alternative and competing product to the one being searched in the first place…and
    was not given as a results for the search of ‘sunglasses’ or ‘dog food’…which would give you some ground to stand on.

    Since you are a blogger, you would have to admit that promotion of information to those that need it, or that might actually
    help them, increasing competition and options to consumers would be a good thing, and not a bad thing as Blogs are designed to inform those interested in similar or related items. I know for our business not only did the search results in fact provide formal introduction to a viable alternative, but also proved the technology very competant relative to portal promotion friendliness and capabilities which is more than we can say for our former Stellent platform…which had greater difficulty.

    Long live free enterprise…it is what makes America great.

  2. maS says:

    Oh, my goodness! Hidden text? [color=white]The end of the world is nigh![/color]

  3. They say using CSS worked better. Does it really I don’t know. I actually came across a few sites like this myself recently for a local company in Canada. I was amazed a company with there standing would do such a thing.

  4. Jonathan says:

    I found Oxcyon through a google search…looking for content management, and ended up contracting with them for
    their software Centralpoint…..very good CMS Platform. I think their white texting worked quite well…and am personally
    glad they did that, otherwise I wouldnt have found them.

  5. david says:

    *** The previous comment comes from someone with an e-mail address (not published) in the dkarana.com domain, which is not registered, and a URL in the kdarana.com domain, which is also not registered. It also looks an awful lot like an ad for Oxcyon. Instead of deleting it, I thought it would be worthwhile to leave it here as an exhibit in the discussion.

    The original poster is welcome to submit more information to show that my suspicions are unjustified, and that Oxcyon hasn’t added comment-spam to their promotion toolbox, now that Google has caught on to the white texting.

  6. Edward Martins says:

    You would not be the first blog to be comment spammed by Oxcyon. A quick search for them shows that they were even blasted a while ago for posing as a Gartner analyst with major tech pubs (http://management.silicon.com/itdirector/0,39024673,39153609,00.htm). What’s amazing to me is that they continue to do this kind of thing, even as it becomes clear how transparent and ineffective it is…

  7. Edward Martins says:

    Oh yeah, and they are now dabbling in blog spamming too: http://calendar488.curlingcalendar.org/oxcyon.html. Cool..

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