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The v.2 problem

[Update: in a comment, Mihai Parparita points out that the Graffiti v.2 was changed for legal reasons, not aesthetic, as explained in a Wikipedia article.] I got a Palm Z22 for Christmas, to replace my old monochrome Palm Vx. I … Continue reading

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Kurt Cagle has an interesting piece on the term Open Standard and what, if anything, it means. Rather than a definition, I’m more interested in a shiboleth, a single test that can tell us whether source or a standard (or … Continue reading

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Of Dilbert and Torture

[I normally stick to technical issues on this weblog. This posting is about logic, which is sort-of related to tech; apologies in advance to anyone who came here hoping for a short break from personal pontification about current events.] Over … Continue reading

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Mind your colons …

… and make friends with a technical writer. Prescriptive grammarians — the ones who argue that the English language should follow a single standard that is both correct and eternal (at least since Fowler) and attempt to impose that standard … Continue reading

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Bob DuCharme

Bob DuCharme, who is well known in the XML community, now has a weblog. Welcome.

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Can SOAP hide XML?

[update: fix affiliations] I just stumbled on an interesting paper from the IEEE Web Services conference last July, Rethinking the Java SOAP Stack (PDF), written by Steve Loughran at HP Laboratories Bristol and Edmund Smith at the University of Edinburgh. … Continue reading

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