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Canadian music exec fights RIAA

Here’s a genuinely heartwarming story. The RIAA is after David Greubel of Arlington, Texas for having 600 downloaded songs on his family computer, and is trying to get him to pay USD 9,000 to settle out of court. Greubel’s 15-year-old … Continue reading

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Scanning to PDF in Linux

I scan documents for two main reasons: to have backup copies of my airplane’s technical logs (a plane can lose tens of thousands of dollars of value if the logs are lost); and to allow me to submit expense claims … Continue reading

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Kudos for Google

(Updated to include MSN response; updated again for the China thing.) According to this CBC article, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL have all willingly handed over search records to the U.S. government (they claim that no personal information is included, but … Continue reading

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XML 2006 new time and place: Boston, 5-7 December 2006

[Update: comments are now fixed — if you have any comments about XML 2006, please feel free to leave them.] I am chairing XML 2006 this fall, taking over the conference after five successful years under Lauren Wood. This year’s … Continue reading

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