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Two small, useful Nautilus shell scripts

If you use a Unix-family operating system with the Gnome desktop and its default Nautilus file browser, you might know that you can extend Nautilus using simple shell scripts. Here two short and simple scripts. Terminal window This script, which … Continue reading

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The REST schism and the REST contradiction

Update: a proposal for a better name. Don Box got people talking last week in a posting where he distinguishes between two kinds of REST: lo-REST, which uses only HTTP GET and POST, and hi-REST, which also uses HTTP PUT … Continue reading

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XML 2006: Paper Tracks

For XML 2006, which will be held in Boston from 5-7 December, we’ve decided to introduce four paper tracks. Each track will extend the full three days and will serve as its own mini-conference, concentrating on a specific area of … Continue reading

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RFC: (Java) SAX exceptions and new minor SAX version

(Note that this is not a major API change, and does not affect non-Java versions of SAX.) Over on the sax-devel mailing list, Norman Walsh, who is involved with JAXP at Sun, has requested a small change to the SAXException … Continue reading

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Programming languages of distinction

Via Ongoing, I read some interesting discussions of programming languages — mainly Python vs. Ruby, with most people happily dumping on Java. Steve Yegge, in particular, argues that language success is based mainly on marketing, and that Python is doomed … Continue reading

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PHP, XML, and Unicode

Update: in a comment John Cowan points out the obvious, that a UTF-8 escape sequence can never contain an ASCII character (because the high bit is always set, as I knew but failed to register). As a result, my xml_escape() … Continue reading

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