XML 2006: Paper Tracks

For XML 2006, which will be held in Boston from 5-7 December, we’ve decided to introduce four paper tracks. Each track will extend the full three days and will serve as its own mini-conference, concentrating on a specific area of interest (though we hope to see a lot of people moving among tracks):

  1. Enterprise XML Computing: XML in the world of big business and government — legacy system integration, service-oriented architecture, REST and web services, etc.

  2. XML on the Web: XML outside the firewall — AJAX, blogging technologies (RSS and Atom), Web 2.0, Semantic Web, publish/subscribe, tagging, etc.

  3. Documents and Publishing: authoring, managing and publishing information using XML — DITA, Docbook, XSL(T/-FO), XHTML, and much, much more.

  4. Hands-on XML: practical, workshop-oriented sessions, including last year’s popular Masters Series, case studies, tutorials, workshops, and live demos.

The official call for papers will go out at XTech 2006 in Amsterdam on Wednesday 17 May, and I hope to see many of you there. In the meantime, we’re counting on you to keep coming up with papers that educate, dazzle, and challenge, so please start thinking about what you’d like to propose for one or more of these tracks. Comments are, of course, very welcome.

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4 Responses to XML 2006: Paper Tracks

  1. Howard Foster says:

    Hi John, thanks for the update on paper tracks. I particularly like the idea of wrapping up the topics of XML for services, integration, data architectures etc under “Enterprise XML Computing”…. See you in Boston.

  2. Howard Foster says:

    Sorry I meant David not John!

  3. David Haslam says:

    Excellent! I was one of the key-note speakers at XML 2004 in Washington D.C. I would love to expand on and improve my story from two years ago. It would fit into the Enterprise XML Computing track. Also, I’ve just started with a new company, so I can add some new perspectives! Roll on Boston!

  4. david says:

    Thanks, David — we’ll look forward to reading your updated paper. The call for papers will go out in may during the XTech 2006 conference, and I’ll post a copy here as well.

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