XML and Flash sell SUVs

Take a look at this SUV commercial parody, sent to me by an acquaintance (quickly, before GM pulls the link).

General Motors has a new online marketing campaign for the Chevy Apprentice, where you can design your own TV commercial and play it back using Flash. You can also enter your commercial into a contest. Inevitably — especially with the SUV’s reputation (deserved or undeserved) as a poster child for environmental destruction and a high roll-over fatality rate — such a contest can attract, say, less-than serious entries.

The parody linked above is side-splittingly funny, but I’m posting about it here because the Flash always begins with the message “Loading XML…” That led me to a few observations:

  1. GM is using XML to save the scripts for the customized commercials (does any Flash-type know how to get at the raw XML? I’d love to see the markup.)
  2. GM is advertising the fact that they’re using XML to save the commercials (or else Flash is forcing them to, but I don’t remember seeing that message with other Flash animations).
  3. Perhaps XML is so cool that people want to point out that they’re using it.
  4. Or, perhaps GM wants to make sure that XML gets the blame if the commercial loads slowly.
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