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Firefox vs. PRG

[Update: it’s working now, after upgrading Ubuntu. Here’s an online test for your own browser.] Post/Redirect/Get (PRG) is a common web-application design pattern, where a server responds to an HTTP POST request not by generating HTML immediately, but by redirecting … Continue reading

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Continuations, cont'd

[Update: see further contributions to the discussion from Ian Griffiths, Avi Bryant, James Robertson, and Joe Duffy; note also John Cowan’s excellent comment below, pointing out that hidden fields work with the back button but not with bookmarks.] It looks … Continue reading

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National Debt(s)

Tony Coates is celebrating the elimination of the Australian federal government’s net debt. During the 1970s and 1980s, Canada carried a brutal public debt, to the point that our federal government was spending more on interest than on any major … Continue reading

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Announcement: XML 2006 RSS news feed

The XML 2006 conference (Boston, December 5-7) has a low-traffic RSS news feed for major announcements. In your weblog reader, subscribe to the following RSS 2.0 feed to stay up to date on deadlines, dates, and other important information: reading

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XML 2006 Call for Participation

I’ve just come back from announcing the XML 2006 Call for Participation at the XTech 2006 conference in Amsterdam (I had the privilege of following two excellent opening keynotes, Paul Graham from Y Combinator and Jeffrey McManus from Yahoo, ensuring … Continue reading

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Getting the point of Skype and chat

I signed up for Skype a while ago, put EUR 10 into my account, and made a few calls. It was cute, it worked, but after a couple of experiments I couldn’t see the big deal. After all, Skype lags … Continue reading

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Giving thanks

Over on, David Peterson gives Microsoft some well-deserved thanks for implementing and popularizing the XMLHttpRequest object that’s so useful in modern web development. He also thanks them for not charging for it, but of course, if they had tried … Continue reading

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Mobile Web at XTech

Michael Smith has a short post about the Mobile Web Morning at XTech 2006 next week in Amsterdam. I’ve been excited about the mobile web for a long time — granted, it’s been slow taking off, but with mobile phones … Continue reading

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How many environments?

Assume that you are a lone developer, maintaining a small web site in a shared hosting account. How many software environments do you need from development to production? One environment On the simplest level, you could develop directly in your … Continue reading

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