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MacOS X vs. Ubuntu Linux

[Update: Tim O’Reilly writes that not only Apple but Red Hat should be worried about Ubuntu.] We bought our older daughter a cheap used ThinkPad as a grade 8 graduation present, and I installed Ubuntu Linux on it for her. … Continue reading

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XML 2006 submission deadline today (Monday 19 June)

Today is the submission deadline for XML 2006 papers and tutorials. They’ve been pouring in over the weekend, and I’m very happy with the high quality of them. If you have not had a chance to submit yet, please send … Continue reading

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XML 2006 submissions due Monday 19 June

We’re getting close to the XML 2006 paper/tutorial deadline and there are a lot of good submissions. Please keep ’em coming: If you’re proposing a paper, all you need to provide right now is an author, title, and abstract … Continue reading

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XML 2006 deadline approaches

Next Monday (19 June) is the main paper and tutorial submission deadline for XML 2006 (Boston, 7-9 December; Tutorials 6 December). You can submit proposals for papers and tutorials through IDEAlliance’s system here: For more information, see the full … Continue reading

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Gap buffers

Tim Bray updated an old piece on binary search this morning — I missed it the first time around, so I was glad that it popped up in my blog reader. Tim’s taking some flak about data abstraction from people … Continue reading

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