XML Scholarship open for submissions

The IDEAlliance XML Scholarship is now open for submissions until Monday 30 October 2006. The winner — a student enrolled in any degree or diploma program at a post-secondary institution — will receive a prize of US $1,000, a US $500 travel stipend, two nights’ accommodation, and a chance to present her or his paper in front of industry leaders at the XML 2006 conference in Boston from 5-7 December 2006.

Judges for the scholarship include Dr. Mary Fernández (AT&T), Dr. Michael Sperberg-McQueen (W3C and University of Bergen), and Dr. Henry Thompson (W3C and University of Edinburgh).

I’d be grateful if people could spread the word to anyone they know who is a student or who teaches students who might be interested in participating. Submission details are available here, and papers should go to scholarship@2006.xmlconference.org.

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