Featured presentation: JSON, The Fat-Free Alternative to XML

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(In the weeks leading up to the XML 2006 conference in Boston (5-7 December), I’ll be featuring some of our presentations here on my weblog from our four specialized tracks.)

Title: JSON, The Fat-Free Alternative to XML
Track: XML on the Web
Author: Douglas Crockford, Architect, Yahoo! Inc.
Summary: JSON is a light-weight, language independent format for data interchange. It is especially popular in Ajax (or interactive web browser-based) applications.

The term AJAX originally stood for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, but Douglas Crockford‘s JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) has made huge inroads in interactive Web apps, often displacing XML completely: we’re trilled that Doug himself will be coming to talk to us about it. <XML 2006> is a place to learn about XML, not an XML cheerleading rally, and Doug’s presentation will give you a chance to decide when XML does and, more importantly, does not make sense for your web application. Enjoy!

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