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Templating languages and XML

Erich Schubert is talking about web templating languages. He’s looking for a pure-XML templating solution, but that might not be necessary for simple web-page design, where we don’t need all the extra benefits of heavy-duty transformation standards like XSLT. Keeping … Continue reading

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Yahoo stands firm behind its search API

Early in the week, I posted about the end of the Google search API, and speculated that — since everyone else tends to copy Google — it might be the start of a general trend away from open data APIs … Continue reading

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It's OK to wish me "Merry Christmas"

Even if you don’t know whether I’m Christian, I promise not to take offense. I’m tired of watching friends, neighbours, and colleagues tying themselves in knots trying to think of a culturally-sensitive thing to say to me (usually “have a … Continue reading

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Beginning of the end for open web data APIs?

[Update: hacking the Google Search AJAX API — see below.] [Update #2: Don Box is thinking along the same lines as I am.] [Update #3: Rob Sayre points out that there is, in fact, a published browser-side JavaScript API underlying … Continue reading

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XML 2006 proceedings due today

If you gave a regular presentation at XML 2006, I’d like to remind you that your proceedings — slides and or text — are due today (PDF or XHTML format, please). If you gave a keynote or participated in a … Continue reading

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Good/bad/good/good news

Good news: the XML 2006 web site was far more popular than we anticipated. Bad news: the site was so popular during the conference that we exceeded our bandwidth limit and went off line. Good news: the site didn’t go … Continue reading

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XML 2006: Day 3

XML 2006 ended today, after more than a year of planning (I started working on the conference in November 2005). I am usually a politely cynical person, and tend to dismiss expressions of emotion in organizers as empty words; however, … Continue reading

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