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Templating languages and XML

Erich Schubert is talking about web templating languages. He’s looking for a pure-XML templating solution, but that might not be necessary for simple web-page design, where we don’t need all the extra benefits of heavy-duty transformation standards like XSLT. Keeping … Continue reading

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Yahoo stands firm behind its search API

Early in the week, I posted about the end of the Google search API, and speculated that — since everyone else tends to copy Google — it might be the start of a general trend away from open data APIs … Continue reading

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It's OK to wish me "Merry Christmas"

Even if you don’t know whether I’m Christian, I promise not to take offense. I’m tired of watching friends, neighbours, and colleagues tying themselves in knots trying to think of a culturally-sensitive thing to say to me (usually “have a … Continue reading

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Beginning of the end for open web data APIs?

[Update: hacking the Google Search AJAX API — see below.] [Update #2: Don Box is thinking along the same lines as I am.] [Update #3: Rob Sayre points out that there is, in fact, a published browser-side JavaScript API underlying … Continue reading

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XML 2006 proceedings due today

If you gave a regular presentation at XML 2006, I’d like to remind you that your proceedings — slides and or text — are due today (PDF or XHTML format, please). If you gave a keynote or participated in a … Continue reading

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Good/bad/good/good news

Good news: the XML 2006 web site was far more popular than we anticipated. Bad news: the site was so popular during the conference that we exceeded our bandwidth limit and went off line. Good news: the site didn’t go … Continue reading

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XML 2006: Day 3

XML 2006 ended today, after more than a year of planning (I started working on the conference in November 2005). I am usually a politely cynical person, and tend to dismiss expressions of emotion in organizers as empty words; however, … Continue reading

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XML 2006: Day Two

We had another good day at the conference today, though once again, you’ll find that my reports have little in common with those of others blogging about it, simply because I don’t get much time to sit in sessions. JustSystems … Continue reading

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XML 2006: Day One

There are several people blogging about the content at XML 2006; unfortunately, as chair, I’m not able to do that, because I don’t actually get to see much of any presentation aside from the keynotes. I was nervous coming into … Continue reading

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