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Thinking about structure

Douglas Crockford left an excellent comment on my recent posting All markup ends up looking like XML, which he later made into its own blog posting, For the trees. I agree with his reworking of the structure: given the data … Continue reading

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Tech botox

Elliotte Harold is absolutely right when he suggests that people should leave Java alone. New technologies compete on features; mature technologies compete on deployment. Let’s value our mature, middle-aged technologies for what they are, rather than destroying their dignity by … Continue reading

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What happened to Windows Internet Explorer? Browser stats I just took a peek at my server stats for (I’m pretty lazy about following them) and had a huge surprise. I’ve adjusted these to exclude “Unknown”, which I assume are … Continue reading

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XML 2006 pickled and preserved

The XML 2006 site is now pickled and preserved for long-term storage. Almost all of the presenters got their papers or slides in for the proceedings, if not on time, at least in time. Unfortunately, if you want to see … Continue reading

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Jon Bosak's XML 2006 keynote now online

I’m happy to announce that Jon Bosak’s closing keynote from the XML 2006 conference is now online. We don’t require keynote speakers to contribute text to the proceedings, but we received a large number of requests for Jon’s talk and … Continue reading

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Who's searching for "XML"?

Here are the top ten locations as of January 9 2007, according to Google trends: Pune, India Bangalore, India Hyderabad, India Chennai, India Mumbai, India Singapore, Singapore Delhi, India Tokyo, Japan Chiyoda, Japan Hong Kong, Hong Kong Note that the … Continue reading

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Sneak peek at XML 2007

With XML 2006 barely over, we’re already deep into planning XML 2007. Here’s your first peek at what we have planned. Time and place XML 2007 is confirmed for Monday 3 December to Wednesday 5 December 2007. We’ll be meeting … Continue reading

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