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XML 2007 overview schedule available

Reminder: the XML 2007 Call for Participation deadline is tomorrow. Thanks to the many people who have already sent in proposals. While we haven’t chosen the actual presentations yet, there is now an overview schedule of the XML 2007 conference … Continue reading

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Two problems with Google Maps for aviation

I love Google Maps and their API, and am using it extensively in my new web site OurAirports. However, there are two problems that keep coming up for using Google Maps with an aviation application: Google Maps uses a Mercator … Continue reading

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Only 11 days to XML 2007 deadline

The deadline for paper proposals for XML 2007 is only 11 days away, on 31 August 2007. Last year, we had a lot of good submissions come in late, and had to turn most of them down for lack of … Continue reading

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[not] Protecting web sites and services from DNS rebinding attacks

Update: Nope, my solution won’t work. As Christian Matthies points out in the comments, it is possible to spoof the HTTP Host header as well (his link in the comment is broken because of an extra comma, but this one … Continue reading

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