Only 11 days to XML 2007 deadline

The deadline for paper proposals for XML 2007 is only 11 days away, on 31 August 2007.

Last year, we had a lot of good submissions come in late, and had to turn most of them down for lack of space. You can read more information about submissions here, then enter your proposal in the form at

Note: There is no late-breaking proposal deadline for 2007. This is the only call for participation.

Stuff to think about

  • Our audiences are interested in all structural markup languages, not just XML. Proposals for talks on JSON, SGML, etc. are very welcome.

  • We have four tracks: Documents and Publishing, XML on the Web, Enterprise XML, and XML training. It’s OK if your paper fits in more than one track — just pick the best one (we’ll move it if necessary).

  • In addition to regular speaking slots, we have lightning rounds available for standards and spec groups on Tuesday evening. These are open to the public free of charge, and are a great opportunity to learn about a lot of XML-related standards and specs in a hurry.

  • Instead of a tutorial day with an extra registration charge, we’re offering a training track on Wednesday afternoon that’s open to all registrants, with a mixture of short and long sessions; standards, tech, and product training; etc.

  • Boston in December is not usually very cold, but the Back Bay, where our conference is held, is nothing if not cool.

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