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XML 2007: check out the speakers

I leave Ottawa tomorrow to fly down to Boston and get ready for XML 2007, which begins Monday morning. If the weather holds, I plan to head down in my own Piper Warrior, but I have a refundable airline ticket … Continue reading

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How to spend all your free money

Update: the site shopping cart is broken, and doesn’t properly remove items from the total owing — too bad. Here’s one easy way: via TechCrunch, Deutsche Grammophon, the gold standard in renaissance/ baroque/ classical/ romantic/ orchestral/ opera/ etc. music (often … Continue reading

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XML 2007: personal schedule and recommendations

The XML 2007 conference (Boston, 3–5 December) now supports both personal schedules and recommendations, thanks to Edd Dumbill and Expectnation. Personal schedule If you’re planning to attend the conference (and I hope you are), you can create a free account … Continue reading

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XML 2007: thanks in advance to …

(Update: I left out a lot of reviewers because of a last-minute editing keystroke gone horribly wrong — with luck, everyone’s listed now.) The speakers for XML 2007 (Boston, 3–5 December) are listed on this web page — it’s well … Continue reading

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Acer technical support phone number

For North America, it’s 1-800-816-2237. The phone number is not available anywhere on Acer’s support sites (supposedly, it’s hidden somewhere in the Windows XP control panel, but you can’t get that with a broken computer), so I thought a nice, … Continue reading

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XML 2007: Mashups in battle

I’ve recently been highlighting some of the presentations from the upcoming XML 2007 conference (Boston, 3–5 December). For the others, I’ve written a little bit about what I (and other members of the planning committee) found interesting and relevant about … Continue reading

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XML 2007: XML at the Beeb

The track at XML 2007 (Boston, 3–5 December) that I often refer to simply as the “Document track” is actually called “Documents and Publishing.” That’s an important distinction, because publishing — even using a text-y format like XML — doesn’t … Continue reading

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First looks at OpenSocial: part 4 (content for persistence data)

Earlier postings: First looks at OpenSocial: part 1 (URLs) First looks at OpenSocial: part 2 (content for members and friends) First looks at OpenSocial: part 3 (content for activities) I didn’t have time to look at the OpenSocial API yesterday, … Continue reading

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XML 2007: Web service vulnerabilities

As I mentioned in an earlier posting, for the XML 2007 conference this year (Boston, 3–5 December) the number of submissions on WS-* topics was way down, while topics like REST, microformats, and mashups are starting to sneak their way … Continue reading

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First looks at OpenSocial: part 3 (content for activities)

Earlier postings: First looks at OpenSocial: part 1 (URLs) First looks at OpenSocial: part 2 (content for members and friends) This is the third part of a series where I’m working through the OpenSocial specs as I write — that … Continue reading

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