Acer technical support phone number

For North America, it’s 1-800-816-2237.

The phone number is not available anywhere on Acer’s support sites (supposedly, it’s hidden somewhere in the Windows XP control panel, but you can’t get that with a broken computer), so I thought a nice, Google-friendly posting might be in order to help anyone else looking at a broken Acer notebook.

Probably because the number’s so well hidden, I got through instantly to a human being, who (a) seemed to be based in North America rather than overseas, and (b) knew what he was talking about, or at least was able to get answers.

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3 Responses to Acer technical support phone number

  1. Carlton says:

    Thank you so much! I was looking everywhere for this number.
    Google FTW!

  2. Shannon says:

    Finally!!! Thank you so much… I have been looking for this for weeks!!!

  3. Matt says:

    Acer is about worthless anyways ill never get another laptop from these guys ever again. Thanks for the number tho. Screws dropped out of the bottom of my laptop 2 weeks after I bought it and 2 months later it quit working and i lost my wedding pictures….All acer had to offer were 3 cd’s to put it back like it was when i bought it for $30.00 more plus shipping. Acer SUCKS in my book

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