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Religious wars hit close to home

Update: I read that the school concert went ahead, with Frosty the Snowman replacing the modified Silver Bells as the token non-religious song on the programme (Frosty makes no reference to any religious holidays). Both of my children attended Elmdale … Continue reading

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E-mail users fight back

A bit over a year ago, I ran into an unusual problem — for several days, I stopped receiving messages from a customer (in the middle of an important project), then I discovered the messages all hidden deep in my … Continue reading

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Amazon SimpleDB (not very Codd-y)

This might be of interest: Amazon SimpleDB Amazon’s announcement Dear AWS Developers, This is a short note to let a subset of our most active developers know about an upcoming limited beta of our newest web service: Amazon SimpleDB, which … Continue reading

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XML 2007: wrapup

While I posted a lot before the XML 2007 conference, I didn’t really have time to post anything during it. This is the third time I’ve chaired a medium-sized tech conference, and while it’s busy all year, it’s insane while … Continue reading

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