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Is the problem Wikipedia, or David Megginson?

The Wikipedia article about me was vandalized yesterday (vandalized version) by someone from the IP address, which seems to be in or near Raleigh, North Carolina. What should I do? Edit the article myself to remove the vandalism? — … Continue reading

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Google analytics for XML 2007

I forgot that I’d enabled Google analytics for the XML 2007 web site. Even though the conference is long over, I though it would be interesting to look and see what some of the trends were from September 2007 to … Continue reading

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LAMP stack stability

I’m using a single dedicated server to host,, and a couple of minor domains. OurAirports is a database-heavy application using (currently) a MySQL v.5 database hosted on the same server. I’ll offload the database to a separate server … Continue reading

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Social web sites: the new Proprietors?

Image: Thomas Penn, second proprietor of Pennsylvania, not as nice as his dad William. Almost a year ago, I wrote that Open data matters more than Open Source — it doesn’t matter (to you, the end user) whether a web … Continue reading

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