Change Marketing

Tom Megginson is a Canadian advertising guy who’s spending a lot of time with social media. He’s just launched a new blog, Change Marketing.

Nepotism aside …

I think I would have included a link to this blog even if it weren’t my brother’s, because of passages like this:

Branding accesses our very nature as social animals, taking advantage of the good feelings we get out of loyalty and admiration towards other human beings in our tribe. But in the case of companies and products, the personality traits are conjured up in an anthropomorphic emotional construct. We “like” favourite brands. We “trust” them. And most importantly, we make them part of our tribal identity.

and this:

Traditional marketers consider setting up a Facebook presence as something you DO. The problem is, the presence is all about who you ARE.

(From Social Media: Brand, don’t sell.)

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4 Responses to Change Marketing

  1. John Cowan says:

    Please tell your brother that while I love the minimal style of his blog, and hope he doesn’t gussy it up with colors and graphics and junk, that it’s a little too minimal: there’s a text box to type in a comment, but no Submit button.

  2. david says:

    John: I see a “Post Comment” button in Firefox 3, but perhaps they’ve fixed the site since you saw the problem.

  3. John Cowan says:

    Okay, I found it, too. See my comment here; his blog was. ironically, not accessible to me..

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