RCIM — Right-Click-Incognito-Mode

If you’re a technically-oriented person (like most of my readers), you already know this magic spell, but I suspect it’s not obvious to most of the world: RCIMright-click-incognito-mode (or LPIMlong-press-incognito-mode in mobile) lets you open a link without persistent cookies. That does a couple of pretty-magical things:

  • It blocks tracking cookies (so Facebook’s database, for example, doesn’t know that you’re reading a piece on Unicorn herpes on another site if you didn’t follow the link from FB), and
  • It circumvents many (most?) quota-based paywalls (e.g. newspapers and magazines).

I’ve been reluctant to share links from sites like economist.com because of their quota wall (if I share a link, I want everyone to be able to read it). Browser extensions like AdBlock+ and Disconnect can solve at least the first problem, but I’m looking for something easy-enough for everyone to use (or at least, everyone using a browser with a incognito/anonymous-browsing mode, which describes most of us in 2014).

So #RCIM and enjoy a web with fewer barriers.

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