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Wellesley’s Law

“As discussion of a failure grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving my action at Waterloo approaches 1—​​that is, if such discourse should persist for a sufficient period, be assured that some self-styled wit will compare someone or something … Continue reading

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Testing webdev on mobile devices from my laptop

While I’m developing the new UI for on my laptop, I want to be able to test on various mobile devices easily, including other people’s devices (where it’s rude to root and mess around with /etc/hosts). Here’s what I … Continue reading

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Content providers vs their audience, in two acts

or … It’s always been a struggle for control Act I Time: 1980s Place: TV Network I want you to sit still and watch these commercials. Viewer When the commercials come on, I get up to go to the kitchen … Continue reading

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Web unusability

Sometimes, like in this FedEx Canada form, companies decide #usability is a bad thing. Continue reading

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Update: running Emacs in Android L (Lollipop)

Update from Dustin DeWeese: “A working Emacs 25 package is available in Termux: $ apt install emacs” — this is probably a better solution than the outdated distro below. In February 2014, I posted instructions for installing Gnu Emacs … Continue reading

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Technology design, in two comics

I refer to these two comics constantly when I’m doing technology architecture and design work. Affordance (From The Far Side, 1980s IIRC.) Coverage (

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A different kind of data standard

HXL is a different, simpler kind of data standard for use during humanitarian crises, using spreadsheets and hashtags. Continue reading

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