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Breadcrumbs: yes or no?

In web design, Breadcrumbs are those little navigational links you see across the top of some web pages, like Home → Canada → Ontario → Ottawa or Media»Music»Classical»Beethoven Good idea? Breadcrumbs let you can see where you are in a … Continue reading

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Evil or misunderstood? Google and net neutrality

So what happened last week?  Did Google backtrack after getting caught trying to be evil about net neutrality and the mobile internet, or were they a victim of a misunderstanding (gleefully amplified by blood-thirsty Apple and RIM supporters)? Net neutrality … Continue reading

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One app store to rule them all …

During my university studies, I first encountered the idea of the Myth of Progress — in 19th and 20th centuries a lot of people assumed that the world generally gets better each generation (aside from occasional blips like depressions or … Continue reading

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Customer Problem Checklist

Whether you’re writing a business plan for your personal startup (the tech equivalent of the Great American Novel that every hack journalist plans to write), a report for your customers, or a proposal for your managers, sooner or later you’re … Continue reading

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Mapping people, money, and land through airports

OurAirports lets members tag airports to create different kinds of maps. I’ve created two maps that show very vividly where the intersections of people, money, and land occur in the world. Welcome to the club … The first tag, top150, … Continue reading

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See the update below. I was right: Google’s new bot detection is overly naive, and I’m not the only one having problems. See also John Cowan’s comment below, for a different (personal) interpretation of Google’s terms of service. Google Maps … Continue reading

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XML-in-Practice 2008: call for participation

The new name for IDEAlliance’s annual XML conference is XML-in-Practice (December 8–10, Arlington, VA), and it has just released its call for participation, with proposals due by 19 September and selected papers announced by 3 October. I won’t be chairing … Continue reading

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