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Change Marketing

Tom Megginson is a Canadian advertising guy who’s spending a lot of time with social media. He’s just launched a new blog, Change Marketing. Nepotism aside … I think I would have included a link to this blog even if … Continue reading

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Delayed echo in the echo chamber

Some people compare blogs (and mainstream media) to an echo chamber, constantly repeating and amplifying the same messages, but the echoes usually die out quickly. Not so, today, when I found this story on the planenews.com aviation news feed: 21 … Continue reading

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A Victorian British artilleryman blogs

Gunner William Henry Ranson (born 1843) has started a blog about his life in the ranks of Royal Artillery and as a civilian in Canada right after Confederation: http://whranson.blogspot.com/ Gunner Ranson was my great-great-grandfather. After serving in the Royal Artillery … Continue reading

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Anonymity and freedom

Elliotte Rusty Harold is right that anonymity goes together with freedom, and I was happy to read his excellent posting How to Blog Anonymously. Rusty distinguishes three different kinds of anonymity — roughly “I don’t want to be embarrassed”, “I … Continue reading

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Bob DuCharme

Bob DuCharme, who is well known in the XML community, now has a weblog. Welcome.

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SSL/TLS RSS Challenge

[Update: more results] [Update: some results left as comments; and more.] Thanks to everyone who posted comments on my Password-Protected RSS challenge three weeks ago. It turned out that the vast majority of feed readers can handle HTTP basic authentication … Continue reading

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Something for nothing

I’ve noticed that Slashdot has started to include text ads in their RSS feed much more frequently, and I’m considering unsubscribing. I have no moral or ethical objection to text ads in RSS feeds, but this is the first time … Continue reading

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Password-Protected RSS Challenge

[More updates from comments.] [Update: many more results, collected from comments. It looks like nearly every feed reader can handle at least HTTP basic authentication, which is good news for people planning to use RSS and Atom in government or … Continue reading

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The case against easier feed subscriptions

As weblog syndication moves into the mainstream, people are complaining more and more about how difficult it is for an average user to subscribe to a weblog (here’s a recent example, but it’s only one of many I’ve read). One … Continue reading

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Admin: WP 1.5.1 and Spam Karma

I’ve just upgraded Quoderat to WordPress 1.5.1 and have installed the Spam Karma plugin, as recommended by Lauren Wood in a comment to my previous whining posting about comment spam. With luck, legitimate comments should now all appear immediately, while … Continue reading

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