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Why stimulus attempts fail

When a government spends money, a few things happen: it competes with the private sector for money, driving up inflation (or interest rates) it competes with the private sector for products and services, driving up costs it competes with the … Continue reading

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Good choice (I think)

The U.S. Senate made the right choice rejecting the auto industry bailout. This isn’t about class warfare: it doesn’t bother me that the CEOs took their bizjets from Detroit to Washington (CEOs take private jets so that they have more … Continue reading

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Dealing with strangers

From the leader in this week’s Economist: “Financial progress is about learning to deal with strangers in more complex ways.” s/Financial/Technical/ and it applies just as well. What else are we doing in tech, if not figuring out ways for … Continue reading

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How to spend all your free money

Update: the site shopping cart is broken, and doesn’t properly remove items from the total owing — too bad. Here’s one easy way: via TechCrunch, Deutsche Grammophon, the gold standard in renaissance/ baroque/ classical/ romantic/ orchestral/ opera/ etc. music (often … Continue reading

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Maybe the women are right

Summary: Perhaps the women who don’t choose computer programming are making a good choice, especially with the deteriorating working conditions, stagnant or falling salaries, and offshoring. Recently, we’ve had a few postings about women in computing (or the lack thereof) … Continue reading

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The lawyers …

Lawyers force companies to write page after page of end-user license agreements (“clause xix: The said user hereby indemnifies ACME Widgets against any harm caused to his/her pregnancy by use of this spreadsheet”) and disclaimers (“ACME Widgets does not intend … Continue reading

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Open Data matters more than Open Source

Dare Obasanjo just put up a posting with the title Open Source is Dead. Dare does happen to be a Microsoft employee, but his posting is none of the standard anti-Linux/OpenOffice/Apache/Firefox FUD. Instead, he voices a question that’s been floating … Continue reading

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Tech botox

Elliotte Harold is absolutely right when he suggests that people should leave Java alone. New technologies compete on features; mature technologies compete on deployment. Let’s value our mature, middle-aged technologies for what they are, rather than destroying their dignity by … Continue reading

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Who's searching for "XML"?

Here are the top ten locations as of January 9 2007, according to Google trends: Pune, India Bangalore, India Hyderabad, India Chennai, India Mumbai, India Singapore, Singapore Delhi, India Tokyo, Japan Chiyoda, Japan Hong Kong, Hong Kong Note that the … Continue reading

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Yahoo stands firm behind its search API

Early in the week, I posted about the end of the Google search API, and speculated that — since everyone else tends to copy Google — it might be the start of a general trend away from open data APIs … Continue reading

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