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Coming soon … something sweet

My sweetie has been leading a group of talented Ottawa-area actors and crew members to create a new web series, Sweet Tarts Takeaway. I’ll post again when the web series goes live in a couple of months. In the meantime, … Continue reading

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A distinctly Canadian kind of fame

In Canada, people who have served time for a wrongful murder conviction become famous — very famous — and stay that way for years and decades. Steven Truscott, Donald Marshall Jr., David Milgaard, and Guy Paul Morin are arguably household … Continue reading

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Is the problem Wikipedia, or David Megginson?

The Wikipedia article about me was vandalized yesterday (vandalized version) by someone from the IP address, which seems to be in or near Raleigh, North Carolina. What should I do? Edit the article myself to remove the vandalism? — … Continue reading

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Social web sites: the new Proprietors?

Image: Thomas Penn, second proprietor of Pennsylvania, not as nice as his dad William. Almost a year ago, I wrote that Open data matters more than Open Source — it doesn’t matter (to you, the end user) whether a web … Continue reading

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Religious wars hit close to home

Update: I read that the school concert went ahead, with Frosty the Snowman replacing the modified Silver Bells as the token non-religious song on the programme (Frosty makes no reference to any religious holidays). Both of my children attended Elmdale … Continue reading

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How to spend all your free money

Update: the site shopping cart is broken, and doesn’t properly remove items from the total owing — too bad. Here’s one easy way: via TechCrunch, Deutsche Grammophon, the gold standard in renaissance/ baroque/ classical/ romantic/ orchestral/ opera/ etc. music (often … Continue reading

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A Victorian British artilleryman blogs

Gunner William Henry Ranson (born 1843) has started a blog about his life in the ranks of Royal Artillery and as a civilian in Canada right after Confederation: http://whranson.blogspot.com/ Gunner Ranson was my great-great-grandfather. After serving in the Royal Artillery … Continue reading

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Maybe the women are right

Summary: Perhaps the women who don’t choose computer programming are making a good choice, especially with the deteriorating working conditions, stagnant or falling salaries, and offshoring. Recently, we’ve had a few postings about women in computing (or the lack thereof) … Continue reading

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Godwin's law goes mainstream

Godwin’s Law has finally left the geekier corners of the net and gone mainstream: political opponents and the press are lambasting Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May for an immature and totally gratuitous Nazi reference. According to Godwin’s law, that … Continue reading

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Open Data matters more than Open Source

Dare Obasanjo just put up a posting with the title Open Source is Dead. Dare does happen to be a Microsoft employee, but his posting is none of the standard anti-Linux/OpenOffice/Apache/Firefox FUD. Instead, he voices a question that’s been floating … Continue reading

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