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It's OK to wish me "Merry Christmas"

Even if you don’t know whether I’m Christian, I promise not to take offense. I’m tired of watching friends, neighbours, and colleagues tying themselves in knots trying to think of a culturally-sensitive thing to say to me (usually “have a … Continue reading

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Nice (religious) ad campaign

Like many Canadians, I grew up in the Protestant United Church of Canada [Wikipedia] and then stopped going after confirmation, though in my case it was not apathy but teenage experimentation with Christian fundamentalism (I didn’t inhale, much) that kept … Continue reading

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Getting the point of Skype and chat

I signed up for Skype a while ago, put EUR 10 into my account, and made a few calls. It was cute, it worked, but after a couple of experiments I couldn’t see the big deal. After all, Skype lags … Continue reading

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A breath of intellectual-property sanity

As most of you probably already know, Dan Brown, author of the (unintentionally) hilarious novel The Da Vinci Code, has won a copyright-violation case suit brought against him by authors of one of the books he used as a source … Continue reading

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XML and Flash sell SUVs

Take a look at this SUV commercial parody, sent to me by an acquaintance (quickly, before GM pulls the link). General Motors has a new online marketing campaign for the Chevy Apprentice, where you can design your own TV commercial … Continue reading

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The slow, painful death of television

Statistics Canada has just published statistics about Canadian television viewing in Fall 2004 (via CBC). I loved TV once, and as I sit by its deathbed, I’m torn between wanting to hold onto it just a little longer and hoping … Continue reading

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