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Teachers, students, and online behaviour

This passage recently appeared in a CBC story entitled “Ont. teachers advised not to tweet with students“: The Ontario College of Teachers says teachers should avoid connecting with their students on Facebook or Twitter. They are also told to avoid … Continue reading

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Google Voice (sort-of) available in Canada

I installed the Google Chat Voice plugin today, and found that I was able to make free Google Voice calls from Canada to both a US and a Canadian POTS number. I’m still unable to register for Google Voice at … Continue reading

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RIP Java, 1995-2010

Java is dead. A lot of developers have thought they were too hip for Java, but I still liked it. I implemented SAX in Java first of all, and have developed software in Java and encouraged my enterprise customers to … Continue reading

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Evil or misunderstood? Google and net neutrality

So what happened last week?  Did Google backtrack after getting caught trying to be evil about net neutrality and the mobile internet, or were they a victim of a misunderstanding (gleefully amplified by blood-thirsty Apple and RIM supporters)? Net neutrality … Continue reading

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Canadian house prices

I’m looking for February or March numbers, but according to Teranet and the National Bank of Canada, as of January 2009, house prices across Canada had dropped only 2.35% since January 2008 (that’s using CHPI, which is the more negative … Continue reading

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How bad is the recession?

I thought it would be interesting to run a simple test for Canada — take some key economic indicators, and see how far we’ve slipped. Here’s what I’ve tracked down so far: Indicator Date Value Last seen (before October 2008) … Continue reading

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A distinctly Canadian kind of fame

In Canada, people who have served time for a wrongful murder conviction become famous — very famous — and stay that way for years and decades. Steven Truscott, Donald Marshall Jr., David Milgaard, and Guy Paul Morin are arguably household … Continue reading

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Only in Canada: $0.15/tweet

Update: Bell quickly backed down — Tweets will be billed just like any other text messages. Interesting that a little web company was able to beat a huge telco on this one. Facebook and other US sites have no problem … Continue reading

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The "Nanny State" argument

In my home province, Ontario, it’s now illegal to smoke in a car with a child in it [story]. Another sign of a growing nanny state? No. A nanny state passes laws to protect people from themselves — “wear a … Continue reading

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A glimpse at future traffic nightmares, and how we can cope

As North American cities get bigger, and more people drive cars, how are we going to cope with the traffic? Will it be permanent gridlock? It’s gone out of style to bulldoze neighbourhoods to build new freeways, but even if … Continue reading

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