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Only in Canada: $0.15/tweet

Update: Bell quickly backed down — Tweets will be billed just like any other text messages. Interesting that a little web company was able to beat a huge telco on this one. Facebook and other US sites have no problem … Continue reading

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The "Nanny State" argument

In my home province, Ontario, it’s now illegal to smoke in a car with a child in it [story]. Another sign of a growing nanny state? No. A nanny state passes laws to protect people from themselves — “wear a … Continue reading

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A glimpse at future traffic nightmares, and how we can cope

As North American cities get bigger, and more people drive cars, how are we going to cope with the traffic? Will it be permanent gridlock? It’s gone out of style to bulldoze neighbourhoods to build new freeways, but even if … Continue reading

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Black Monday for tech workers (??)

I’m hearing rumours of small-scale layoffs from a few different places around Ottawa, mostly small-to-medium-sized companies. Just a single layoff affects dozens of people: the person who’s let go the person’s family the managers who have to do the firing … Continue reading

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Good choice (I think)

The U.S. Senate made the right choice rejecting the auto industry bailout. This isn’t about class warfare: it doesn’t bother me that the CEOs took their bizjets from Detroit to Washington (CEOs take private jets so that they have more … Continue reading

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Banking: blame and beliefs

The world banking meltdown is a lot like the Christian Bible: no matter what your personal beliefs, you can find something there, somewhere, to back them up. Too little regulation? Lenders were able to use credit derivatives (such as collateralized … Continue reading

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A political posting

Late in 1963, shortly before he was assassinated, U.S. President John F. Kennedy asked Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson for his opinion on how the U.S. should cope with escalating unrest in Vietnam. Peason: “Get out.” JFK: “That’s a … Continue reading

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