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SQL and simple polymorphism

SQL is about tables and sets. Object-oriented programing is about types, subtypes, and polymorphism. There are nasty, nasty frameworks available to try to move between the two worlds (say, by serializing and deserializing Java objects) — this posting, however, is … Continue reading

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RIP Java, 1995-2010

Java is dead. A lot of developers have thought they were too hip for Java, but I still liked it. I implemented SAX in Java first of all, and have developed software in Java and encouraged my enterprise customers to … Continue reading

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Mixing GPL and non-GPL: a different perspective

Dual-licensing is a popular Open Source business model, especially using the (very restrictive) Gnu General Public License (GPL). Popular opinion, as reflected (for example) in the comments on this blog posting, says that it’s either forbidden or highly questionable to … Continue reading

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Detecting overzoom in Google Maps

[Warning: as of 1 October 2008, Google is using an over-simplistic bot detection algorithm, and something as simple as zooming out at regular intervals can trigger it and temporarily block access to Google resources. I recommend waiting until they fix … Continue reading

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LAMP stack stability

I’m using a single dedicated server to host ourairports.com, megginson.com, and a couple of minor domains. OurAirports is a database-heavy application using (currently) a MySQL v.5 database hosted on the same server. I’ll offload the database to a separate server … Continue reading

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Amazon SimpleDB (not very Codd-y)

This might be of interest: Amazon SimpleDB Amazon’s announcement Dear AWS Developers, This is a short note to let a subset of our most active developers know about an upcoming limited beta of our newest web service: Amazon SimpleDB, which … Continue reading

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First looks at OpenSocial: part 4 (content for persistence data)

Earlier postings: First looks at OpenSocial: part 1 (URLs) First looks at OpenSocial: part 2 (content for members and friends) First looks at OpenSocial: part 3 (content for activities) I didn’t have time to look at the OpenSocial API yesterday, … Continue reading

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