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First looks at OpenSocial: part 3 (content for activities)

Earlier postings: First looks at OpenSocial: part 1 (URLs) First looks at OpenSocial: part 2 (content for members and friends) This is the third part of a series where I’m working through the OpenSocial specs as I write — that … Continue reading

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First looks at OpenSocial: part 2 (content for members and friends)

See also First looks at OpenSocial: part 1 (URLs) This is the second part of a series of postings describing how I’m trying to understand the technical specs for the new Google-led OpenSocial initiative. In the first part, I cut … Continue reading

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First looks at OpenSocial: part 1 (URLs)

In a year or two, we’ll know whether the Google-lead OpenSocial initiative was a turning point in the social web or just a weak shot fired across Facebook’s bow. In the meantime, I think it’s worth taking some time to … Continue reading

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[not] Protecting web sites and services from DNS rebinding attacks

Update: Nope, my solution won’t work. As Christian Matthies points out in the comments, it is possible to spoof the HTTP Host header as well (his link in the comment is broken because of an extra comma, but this one … Continue reading

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Three simple tips for LAMP web site developers

You’ve learned to write some basic HTML, CSS, PHP/Python/Perl and SQL, found a hosting service, and are ready to create your first LAMP web application. You’ve already read a bit about security (you know always to escape user-supplied parameters, etc.). … Continue reading

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Coding lessons from university

Dare Obasanjo, smart code guy and occasional punching bag for the anti-Microsoft people, is collecting lists of Three Things I Learned About Software In College. I posted mine in a comment on his blog, but decided to reproduce them here. … Continue reading

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Maybe the women are right

Summary: Perhaps the women who don’t choose computer programming are making a good choice, especially with the deteriorating working conditions, stagnant or falling salaries, and offshoring. Recently, we’ve had a few postings about women in computing (or the lack thereof) … Continue reading

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