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RIP Java, 1995-2010

Java is dead. A lot of developers have thought they were too hip for Java, but I still liked it. I implemented SAX in Java first of all, and have developed software in Java and encouraged my enterprise customers to … Continue reading

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Evil or misunderstood? Google and net neutrality

So what happened last week?  Did Google backtrack after getting caught trying to be evil about net neutrality and the mobile internet, or were they a victim of a misunderstanding (gleefully amplified by blood-thirsty Apple and RIM supporters)? Net neutrality … Continue reading

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The thing about creativity …

I left this comment on Simon St-Laurent’s interesting and thoughtful post How dare Apple … (which, in turn, was partly a response to Tim Bray’s post Nothing Creative). I don’t believe that most things, including the iPad, are obviously right … Continue reading

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One app store to rule them all …

During my university studies, I first encountered the idea of the Myth of Progress — in 19th and 20th centuries a lot of people assumed that the world generally gets better each generation (aside from occasional blips like depressions or … Continue reading

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Mixing GPL and non-GPL: a different perspective

Dual-licensing is a popular Open Source business model, especially using the (very restrictive) Gnu General Public License (GPL). Popular opinion, as reflected (for example) in the comments on this blog posting, says that it’s either forbidden or highly questionable to … Continue reading

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Social web sites: the new Proprietors?

Image: Thomas Penn, second proprietor of Pennsylvania, not as nice as his dad William. Almost a year ago, I wrote that Open data matters more than Open Source — it doesn’t matter (to you, the end user) whether a web … Continue reading

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E-mail users fight back

A bit over a year ago, I ran into an unusual problem — for several days, I stopped receiving messages from a customer (in the middle of an important project), then I discovered the messages all hidden deep in my … Continue reading

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How to spend all your free money

Update: the site shopping cart is broken, and doesn’t properly remove items from the total owing — too bad. Here’s one easy way: via TechCrunch, Deutsche Grammophon, the gold standard in renaissance/ baroque/ classical/ romantic/ orchestral/ opera/ etc. music (often … Continue reading

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The lawyers …

Lawyers force companies to write page after page of end-user license agreements (“clause xix: The said user hereby indemnifies ACME Widgets against any harm caused to his/her pregnancy by use of this spreadsheet”) and disclaimers (“ACME Widgets does not intend … Continue reading

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Anonymity and freedom

Elliotte Rusty Harold is right that anonymity goes together with freedom, and I was happy to read his excellent posting How to Blog Anonymously. Rusty distinguishes three different kinds of anonymity — roughly “I don’t want to be embarrassed”, “I … Continue reading

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