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MySQL wrapper script: variables from the command line

There’s a lot I like about PostgreSQL, and I’ll probably switch eventually, but for now, I’m still more comfortable with MySQL, especially its ability to update huge amounts of existing data in-place very quickly. I do have some technical gripes … Continue reading

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SQL and simple polymorphism

SQL is about tables and sets. Object-oriented programing is about types, subtypes, and polymorphism. There are nasty, nasty frameworks available to try to move between the two worlds (say, by serializing and deserializing Java objects) — this posting, however, is … Continue reading

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Customer Problem Checklist

Whether you’re writing a business plan for your personal startup (the tech equivalent of the Great American Novel that every hack journalist plans to write), a report for your customers, or a proposal for your managers, sooner or later you’re … Continue reading

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Ready for Prime Time?

I bought a cheap HP C4280 printer-scanner-copier today, since my old HP 1210 finally gave up the ghost. Installing the printer in Windows Vista Installing the printer in Windows Vista wasn’t too difficult. I followed the instruction not to plug … Continue reading

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Strange web exploit attempt (?)

In the search logs for OurAirports, I noticed a series of searches for URLs: http://www.feliciano.de/Webgalerie/bilder/Italy/une/yiwul/ http://www.unduetretoccaate.it/codice/aseje/wocobo/ http://www.altaiseer-eg.com/ar/articles/jed/umut/ At first, I thought they might be a kind of link spam — some sites display recent searches — but when I checked … Continue reading

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LAMP stack stability

I’m using a single dedicated server to host ourairports.com, megginson.com, and a couple of minor domains. OurAirports is a database-heavy application using (currently) a MySQL v.5 database hosted on the same server. I’ll offload the database to a separate server … Continue reading

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Two problems with Google Maps for aviation

I love Google Maps and their API, and am using it extensively in my new web site OurAirports. However, there are two problems that keep coming up for using Google Maps with an aviation application: Google Maps uses a Mercator … Continue reading

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[not] Protecting web sites and services from DNS rebinding attacks

Update: Nope, my solution won’t work. As Christian Matthies points out in the comments, it is possible to spoof the HTTP Host header as well (his link in the comment is broken because of an extra comma, but this one … Continue reading

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Three simple tips for LAMP web site developers

You’ve learned to write some basic HTML, CSS, PHP/Python/Perl and SQL, found a hosting service, and are ready to create your first LAMP web application. You’ve already read a bit about security (you know always to escape user-supplied parameters, etc.). … Continue reading

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Coding lessons from university

Dare Obasanjo, smart code guy and occasional punching bag for the anti-Microsoft people, is collecting lists of Three Things I Learned About Software In College. I posted mine in a comment on his blog, but decided to reproduce them here. … Continue reading

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