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One app store to rule them all …

During my university studies, I first encountered the idea of the Myth of Progress — in 19th and 20th centuries a lot of people assumed that the world generally gets better each generation (aside from occasional blips like depressions or … Continue reading

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A farewell to tabs

I’ve used tabbed layouts in web sites for a while without thinking much about it. I find them less obtrusive than menus, and have always believed that the idiom was familiar to nearly all users because of desktop applications. Here’s … Continue reading

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Lessons about web sites for mobile browsers

Working on ourairports.mobi, the mobile version of OurAirports, I’m getting a crash course in writing for mobile browsers. Here, in no particular order, are some of my lessons: The OpenWave browser is horrendous, ignoring character encoding, randomly skipping some simple … Continue reading

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Costing out Google App Engine

The Google App Engine (GAE) is the newest of the major cloud computing platforms for hosting web applications. I’ve been experimenting with it for a couple of days, and will post my impressions later. For now, I thought it might … Continue reading

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ohare-airport.org link scam: phishing for pagerank

I discovered an interesting link scam in my inbox this morning, with the subject line “New Chicago O’Hare International Airport website”. The message informed me that Chicago O’Hare Airport has a new website at ohare-airport.org, and asked me to update … Continue reading

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Change Marketing

Tom Megginson is a Canadian advertising guy who’s spending a lot of time with social media. He’s just launched a new blog, Change Marketing. Nepotism aside … I think I would have included a link to this blog even if … Continue reading

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A distinctly Canadian kind of fame

In Canada, people who have served time for a wrongful murder conviction become famous — very famous — and stay that way for years and decades. Steven Truscott, Donald Marshall Jr., David Milgaard, and Guy Paul Morin are arguably household … Continue reading

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Mapping people, money, and land through airports

OurAirports lets members tag airports to create different kinds of maps. I’ve created two maps that show very vividly where the intersections of people, money, and land occur in the world. Welcome to the club … The first tag, top150, … Continue reading

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See the update below. I was right: Google’s new bot detection is overly naive, and I’m not the only one having problems. See also John Cowan’s comment below, for a different (personal) interpretation of Google’s terms of service. Google Maps … Continue reading

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Detecting overzoom in Google Maps

[Warning: as of 1 October 2008, Google is using an over-simplistic bot detection algorithm, and something as simple as zooming out at regular intervals can trigger it and temporarily block access to Google resources. I recommend waiting until they fix … Continue reading

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