XML hot topics: the 10 most viewed XML 2006 presentation summaries

With the XML 2006 conference just over a week away, I took another look at the server logs to see what presentation summaries were getting the most page views:

  1. Web Services Policy Expression Alternatives
  2. W3C XML Schema Patterns for Databinding
  3. Social Semantic Mashups: Exploring Social Networks with Microformats and GRDDL
  4. XQueryP: An XML Application Development Language
  5. Getting There — The XML/XQuery Ecosystem (opening keynote)
  6. The ODF Plugin for MS Office
  7. Panel: XML Pipeline Processing
  8. Panel: XML Project Management Best Practices
  9. Making the Most of XML with Adobe InCopy and InDesign
  10. JSON, The Fat-Free Alternative to XML

Vendors, consultants, journalists, and book publishers, take note. XQuery, in particular, makes the list twice (congrats to the W3C working group on its recent release), and there clearly is an intersection between the set of people who care about MS Office and the set of people who care about ODF.

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