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What’s really different about “Enterprise”

(I wrote this in 2011 as a draft and then forgot about it. It still reads OK, so here it is, basically unchanged, and without the extra sections I’d probably originally planned to add.) Even though big web sites use … Continue reading

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An easy break-up

Google Reader is going away soon, so, with tears in my eyes, I decided to break up with Reader before it could break up with me.  My rebound Android app is Feedly, which seems refreshingly easy-going — Feedly asked for … Continue reading

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A handgun is like a smartphone, but with bullets Think – how often do you hear  of someone dropping a laptop computer into a toilet or leaving it in a restaurant? How often do you see spider-web cracks on a laptop screen from a fall? Small, hand-sized computing … Continue reading

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How government subsidies become censorship

«Pure science research drops sharply at National Research Council» (Ottawa Citizen, 2013-05-08) We’re learning the danger in Canada of having let too many sectors become dependent on federal money. When the arts, NGOs, scientific research, many kinds of R&D business, … Continue reading

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